Le serrature a combinazione di Serrature Meroni
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The 10 Series combination locks line by Meroni shows off similar features but with a variety of shapes, materials and applications.
The 4 digits code system allows you to securely lock wardrobe cabinets and drawers, filing cabinets; in brief any furniture for any environment: offices, gyms, locker rooms and schools, etc.




In this mode, any lock can be used by many people, one after the other. Each user digits a secret code that remains valid until the next person sets a new code. In order to activate the public mode, the button on the rear side of the lock must be on the “public” position.

It is the case of gym dressing rooms where lockers are used alternately by many people. After storing the personal belongings, at open door, the user sets a 4 digits secret code (up to 9999 combinations), shuts the locker door, rotates the knob to close the lock and turns the 4 digits at random. The “one-shot” secret code is now set and the lock closed.

To unlock and open the door, the user just needs to retrieve the code by turning the digits. In case of emergency, the maintenance operator can recover the secret code and open the lock with a specific procedure (see the instructions) by using the key included in the kit.


[single user]

The “personal” mode has the inverse functionality of “public” mode. As suggested by the term “personal”, the combination lock has a unique and uneditable secret code that the single user sets the first time only. It is the case of a lock installed on a furniture of exclusive use, as a school locker. 

Strictly follow the instructions and shift the button on the rear side of the lock in order to change the setting from “public” to “personal” mode.

The emergency key can be used also in “personal” mode to recover the secret code. To reset the forgotten secret code, please follow the instructions and use the stick tool included in the kit.

Please, click on the icon to download the PDF with the instructions to switch the lock mode from “public” to “personal” and vice versa.


Clicca sull’icona per scaricare il PDF con le istruzioni per il passaggio da “public” a personal e viceversa