Le serrature a combinazione di Serrature Meroni
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  • Vertical lock
  • Thickness for metal
  • Right and left versions
  • Application: on metal cabinets
  • Available in Standard line (plastic cover and knob)
  • Ergonomic and grooved push knob
  • 4 digits combination wheels, easy to use
  • Maintenance key  for secret code recovery
  • Unique lock with multi-user/single-user selectable options
  • 3 points locking: a cam and 2 bars

The combination lock 1077 is part of the 10 Series by Serrature Meroni: a wide range of combination locks that cover all applications, functions, and are suitable for wooden, metal, glass furniture.

The lock 1077, designed for the installation on metal doors and working with a cam and 2 bars, is available with cover and knob in plastic (Standard line).

The lock  is equipped with a cylinder and a maintenance key for the secret code recovery.


Standard Line

Plastic cover and metal knob. Finishes: white and black.

Application and function

1077 is a combination lock with a 3 points closure system with a cam and 2 bars, it is suitable for the installation on metal doors cabinets. It is the ideal solution for places where a easy to use and smart closure system is fundamental. It is a keyless lock and can be opened thanks to a 4 digits pre-set secret code.

Material and design

Compact shape and versatility are the main features of 1077 combination lock. The grooved and ergonomic knob is made of plastic as the cover.


Available in standard black and white finishes.

Maintenance key

The lock kit includes a simple system for the secret code recovery with a maintenance key (or special plastic stick tool in the “private mode”).

Multi-user and single-user functions

The 1077 combination lock can be set to work both in public mode and private mode depending on the type of application. The “public mode” is the solution for multi-user environments (i.e. gyms or public places) while the “personal  mode” is suitable for single-user furniture.

Standard Line

The combination lock is available in Standard line (plastic cover and knob).